City Tour in Cusco

It is the best choice in order to understand the great development of culture within the city of Cusco Inca connecting enigmatic, astronomical and ceremonial centers of this beautiful city.


1.- The Cathedral of Cusco

This day you can start your excursion by visiting the Basilica Cathedral of Cusco, which is formed by temples of the triumph and the Sagrada Familia, place where can see paintings from the XVII century, exquisite architecture with a baroque style.

2.-  Qoricancha

Qoricancha, known with the name of "Temple of the Sun", place of the highest expression of architecture and Incan engineering, similarly was the center of the religion of the Inca time. Currently referred as the convent of Santo Domingo.

3.- Sacsauyhuman

It is strategically located 3 km north of the city of Cusco. The impressive fortress of Sacsayhuaman was very important in the Inca time, built with military and religious purposes. Where you can see the maximum architectural expression with its wonderful carved stones, some of them weighing more than 350 tons. Today is held the "Festival of the Sun" majestic called Inti Raymi.

4.- Q'enqo

Qenqo is a limestone outcrop on the intricate mythical representations have carved. It was a very important purely religious place where was carried out rituals to different deities from the Inca period, thus also sacrifices of the llama as a thanks to the Pachamama (mother earth).

5.- Pucapucara

Pucapucara "Red fortress", was built for military purposes and pointing towards the Antisuyo road. Strategic location to control the entry and exit of people to the Cusco Imperial City. It is composed of large walls, terraces and stairs, the type of stone is the red limestone, thereby acquired the name of Pucapucara.


Important place in the Inca time, where ceremonies were made to the water they used to take bath before entering to the Holy City of Cusco, just like the Inca ruler of the Tawantisuyo when returning from his conquests had to take a bath to purify themselves, which is today  known as the Incas bath.


  • Professional tour guide.
  • Transport services.
  • Tickets for places to visit. 


  • Meals.
  • Tips.
  • Extra expenses. 


  • Hat, sunscreen, bottled water.
  • Extra money, camera.
  • Rain Poncho.

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